Vectorworks Outsourcing has the combined experience of over 20 years of involvement and collaboration in the field of building technology and related services. We are supported by the talent and knowledge of over 20 highly skilled Vectorworks professionals, Vectorworks Outsourcing currently participates in projects on a global scale, offering verifiable superior services and project support, all the while continuing to develop the unrealized potential of BIM in Vectorworks, as well as classic 2D drafting work, custom 3D modeling, and library creation.


Vectorworks Outsourcing has been working for us, doing landscape modeling and drafting for more than a year now, they have a great team, very knowledgeable professionals and very proficient using Vectorworks, they have resolved issues for us in several projects.

Landform Designs

Vectorworks Outsourcing has been working for me since January 2016 to this date,

They have done several Vectorworks 3D modeling work for us, expanding our library of symbols and doing translation work for our meetings and presentations. The team at Vectorworks Outsourcing are a very personable professional, they want as many details as possible in order to deliver the right product. I found my experiences with Vectorworks Outsourcing nice and according to the work.

They would deliver all work on schedule and his honesty made billing a pleasure.


Michael W.