Architectural Real Time Design with Vectorworks

Architectural Real Time Design is a term we use for designing with a client present or on video conference using 3D Modeling software. Design changes can be made in real time and the client can see exactly what we are doing and make changes on the spot.

Translating your vision for your project to an architect can be difficult. Which is why we offer real time design solutions for clients to test out a multitude of options over the course of a meeting.


Schematic design can often be a lot of back and forth between a client and an architect. Setting up a Real Time Design Meeting can help to move the process along quicker. This is because it allows for us, the architects, to draw exactly what you would like and get feedback on the design as we move through your project. It allows us to test a variety of options:

  • Layout and Sizing of Rooms
  • Location and Sizing and Types of Windows and Doors
  • Locations and Sizing of Fixtures (sinks, tubs, showers, stoves, fridges, etc.)
  • Location and Sizing of Furniture
  • Types of Materials
  • Types of Facades
  • Everything from a kitchen layout to entire building can be modified in a Real Time Design session.


Often we have clients who want to be more hands on early in the design process. At our office we incorporate the client into the design process. We use Vectorworks and can make changes to the design in real time with the client present and providing input on the design.

Building Information Modeling with Vectorworks

Vectorworks is a building information modeling software that we use to design all our projects. In schematic design it is very helpful because it allows you to build your project component by component in a floor plan, and simultaneously view it in 3D. So you can get a visual on screen of how a space will feel when you are testing out ideas.


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