From 2D to 3D BIM Vectorworks Model

Vectorworks 3D BIM modeling

A majority of our clients are now moving on towards improved options with 2D CAD to 3D Vectorworks model conversion.

We are proficient at meeting such demands, and also pull out all the stops to make it happen with 3D BIM Vectorworks conversion services. Many of the 2D CAD to 3D Vectorworks conversion projects we do are as-built models or buildings that are already been constructed and operational. While 3D models are making a valuable contribution to communications, not all 3D models can be said to BIM models. For a 3D model to be a BIM model, it should be having the “I” in the equation – the information. It can comprise manufacturing or building materials, info about physical products, and other information needed to build or maintain the structure. It implies that there is a further responsibility to understand the present state of the building with regards to maintenance, new extraneous features (if any), and other modifications.

Vectorworks 3D BIM Conversion Services:

We initiate the 3D BIM conversion from the as-built CAD files and documentation, even photos or hand-drawn sketches. The present-day examinations are minimal and help the purpose of inspecting for any significant issues that may influence changing the dynamics of the building model, in brief, the older the building, the lesser the significance of ‘as-builts’, & the most the dependence on on-site discovery.

Once the Schematic Design (SD) has been completed, many of our clients also go for our 2D CAD to 3D conversion services for creating a Vectorworks BIM model. Therefore, we work closely with the Design Team for preparing a BIM model from the CAD files of the SD stage. This is an intense procedure that requires a considerable amount of time, & goes best when managed with the complete attention of key team members working devotedly for the project, sticking to a strict time schedule, and we are up for the task!


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