Vectorworks drafting services


Vectorworks Drafting services

Vectorworks drafting for Events, Scenery, Millwork, Architecture, Theatre, Film and Fabrication Drawings.

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Vectorworks is one of the first CAD programs I used because of its user-friendly format. It’s great for creating 3D designs, Presentations, and drafting. As a technical designer, I get a lot of projects that were designed in Vectorworks.  I prefer to start my work with the original  VectorWorks file, so I can see the context of the design. Many times I get a PDF file and a DWG file that were exported from Vectorworks: the DWG file doesn’t look at all like the PDF. VectorWorks also exports curves as splines instead of polylines. I own  VectorWorks Designer, which includes Spotlight, Architecture, and Landscape. Ironically, my favorite Vectorworks project was using Landscape.

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